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The way that I desire to feel in every one of my days can be summed up in two words ~ Essentially Vibrant.

Essential: vitally important. absolutely necessary,
Vibrant: vital, exciting, stimulating. pulsating with energy. alive!


Do you want to connect with Earth and nature, and to radiate health in your own perfect way?

To tread lightly, but live vibrantly?


My intention with this space is to share as I explore + learn, and to inspire.

To gently and lovingly encourage you [yes you!] to get in the kitchen and create a plate (or a glass) of ‘real food’, to enjoy some fresh air, to grow some veggies. To stop what you are doing and take some deep breaths, to walk barefoot on the earth, to fill your pockets with crystals, to create sacred spaces and rituals to feed your soul. To try an essential oil, or a flower essence blend, or a herb – instead of reaching for a bottle of pills or a tube of chemicals. To feel alive and full of joy.

Will you join me?