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Well hello there! Did you miss me?

Some of the latest happenings soon, but first – I found an old post from about 6 years ago that I loved reading again. There was a heap of stuff in it that was no longer relevant, but this one part I wanted to share…


April 12 2012.
Ok, three words to describe myself?  stubborn. busy. messy

Stubborn, because, well I am! Busy, because I always have a very long list of things to do. But also I love to be that way.  I bore easily.  I can’t sit still.  I can’t actually sit through a whole dvd without pausing at least once.  lol.  Messy, though I sometimes wish I was a bit more pedantic about tidying. I am very good at tuning out things I don’t want to be reminded of.  In my head, my house is perfect and clutter free. It is beautiful.  Also – I always say that messy and dirty are different things.  The house isn’t dirty, just messy 🙂  But I do love cleaner day!!! Oh the joy of clean mopped floors. and fresh sheets!!!  I sometimes leave the dining chairs on the table for a few days, just to maintain the feeling of “just cleaned house”  That is not weird at all. Or lazy. Right??

I asked Liana and she said beautiful, photographer, loving… Isn’t she a treasure!!! (and I like that beautiful came before photographer!!)

I don’t like hot drinks. Or any hot liquid actually, and the smell of coffee makes me want to hurl.  So when I say “lets do coffee”, really I mean you have coffee and I will have a glass of water. (and I will usually bring my own because tap water makes me very ill.)  I do like cake though.  Even though I shouldn’t eat it on account of dairy and gluten and all those nasties I shouldn’t have too much of…

I am bad with actually following through with tasks.  I have ideas.  Lots of them.  Too many for one brain to handle and they just spew out of me at random intervals.  We moved here nearly 2 years ago and I still have boxes to unpack.  Clearly we don’t need those things in the boxes, whatever they are.  There is a large framed print sitting against the wall in my bedroom. On the floor.  It has been there since the day we moved in and just needs a simple hook to hang from which I am quite capable of doing.  I even have a large box of picture hooks and a hammer in the next room.  I will do it one day. 

I also collect photo frames.  I buy them all.the.time.  I clearly have no shortage of photos to display but I just never actually hang them on the walls.  One time I did hang a whole photo wall of frames on the assumption that the hanging was the hard bit and once I had them up I could easily decide what pics to put in each frame and  That was before Christmas.  Quite a few months before Christmas, actually.  The frames are still empty.


exploring The messy middle

Liana is a teenager holy crap! and she now says I am supportive, caring, inspiring. [Love her to bits!]

A few houses later and been here for 3.5 years and there are still a few boxes not yet unpacked in the garage. Perhaps even the same boxes? [I will deal with them later. Maybe! Or next time we move.]

There are still framed pictures on the floor and I still have so many more photos to display, than I have frames, and wall space. [Manifesting a bigger place!]

I still loooove cake (especially my fave chocolate coconut slice), and detest hot liquids. I have even tried the whole bone broth craze and I just cant do it. Oily sink water with a faint hint of chicken – no thanks! Side note : does anyone have any tips for making this more pleasant, or want to tell me how you use bone broth?

I am still stubborn, busy and messy. But I am so ok with all of those three things. Can they be taken as negative qualities? Yes of course. But they also make me who I am. My stubbornness makes me very clear on what I want, and what I will tolerate. As always though – there is room to move and lots of room to grow. A fine line between things coming across different to how I intended. Busy – I actually love busy. Not to the point of stressed out craziness, but I like to do. I am not one for spending the entire weekend on the couch, or uttering the words “I’m bored”.

Then sometimes with the busy comes the mess 😉 The passion of projects in progress and new ideas and creative bubbles. [Add a mini me who loves to create just as much as I do and there is double the mess, haha] These three things always have, and always will, make me who I am.

There is more though, so much more that stubborn / busy / messy, and I guess the ‘more’ and all the other things that I am + the words to describe me are what I plan to explore here in this space.



now, around 6 years later…

It is almost mid 2018, I still have lots of big big ideas and dreams, and barely enough time to do them all. [Stay tuned to hear about some of them.]

I am still a photographer, but also so so much more! I help amazing brands create epic content. Plus – I take photos for fun. To honor my creativity. To practice being in the moment. I also still occasionally take portrait pics, and family photos.

I have spent a lot of time working on my health and wellness. Accepting an Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis and trying to work out what that means. Lots of time in a ‘cocoon’. Growing, exploring, learning. Getting frustrated, and then in the next moment, dancing with joy.

I play around with essential oils, love to explore and create new recipes in the kitchen, dig in my veggie garden, and have as many adventures as I can with my girl. I hang out on instagram daily and share snippets of my life.

Slowly all my dreams are coming to life. Gaining traction. Solidifying

Hence this post, and this site refresh and relaunch. [Many, many months (maybe years!) later than I anticipated!]



Lets explore the pieces.
Lets enjoy the messy middle.
Lets find more words.




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