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about renee bell essentially vibrant

I’m Renee Bell

Photographer. Dreamer. Artist.

Mama to the best daughter one could hope for.

Life + Health Coach.

On a beautiful journey to live gently but vibrantly.


Until recent times I ran a busy newborn photography studio full time, and while I adored taking photos of gorgeous babies, I kinda felt like I was putting the rest of my dreams on hold. I have been on such rocky journey over the last 10+ years with my health and really learning what my limitations are and just how I can create my ideal life situation. It is something that I wanted to devote more time to experimenting, exploring and eventually – sharing.


So, I finally started listening to my intuition and made more space in my life to explore my dreams + to heal my body.

The concept of balancing structure vs wildness. My passion for empowering my daughter ~ teaching her about self love and self acceptance. Being more courageous. Allowing myself space to indulge my creativity. Getting out of the photography studio and connecting with other passionate entrepreneurs.

A need to understand my body, my health and how that fits into my life led me to Health Coaching. Then further study in Nutritional Medicine. Life Coaching. Aromatherapy + Essential Oils. Core desired feelings. Fresh air. Meditating. Adventures. Crystals.


Transformation. Passion. Joy. Abundance. Beauty.


Living vibrantly and dreaming great big dreams – powered by creativity, plant based medicine and all the resources this amazing Earth provides us…

Yes please!!

Life is steering me along in this direction and no matter how much I try to resist, to plan, to demand explanations, to want things to be easier – it was always meant to be…


trust my intuition essentially vibrant


Sharing the stories…


One of the things I love is to read about other people’s journeys… Especially in health and wellness books – that section at the beginning that documents the journey the author has been on is my absolutely favourite bit and I am always disappointed if it is too short and when it ends. So that left me a decision to make…

Ulcerative Colitis. Autoimmune disease. Chronic Fatigue. Pituitory Adenoma.

Navigating the up and down journey of creating my own unique version of an ideal life.


Running a small business.

Self care and wellness routines (or lack of?)



Although I don’t ever want to be defined by my health (or sometimes lack of) I had to make the decision as to whether I wanted to share my personal journey or not. For quite a few years, that answer was no. I wrote a few posts when anything dramatic happened (and then barely even shared them) but I have mostly kept to myself.  My journey over the last few years has been very internal, and personal plus too confusing to unpack and understand myself let alone to try and begin to explain to others. But now, the time is to share. I would love if I can help just one person (and ultimately many more) navigate their way through the health and wellness maze, especially those who have things going on that are a little out of the ordinary.

I hope that anyone who is called to will follow along, and that I can offer a little inspiration or advice to anyone that needs it. Please contact me if you ever have any questions, or you can leave a comment at the bottom of any page.

Thank you so much for being here, Renee xx