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I’m Renee Bell

Photographer. Mother. Dreamer. Artist. Life Coach.

Until recent times I ran a busy newborn photography studio full time, and while I adored taking photos of gorgeous babies, I kinda felt like I was putting the rest of my dreams on hold. Well, more accurately… I slept less than I needed, stopped caring so much about my health or eating good food and I stressed about all the other things I wanted to do instead of (or in addition to) working so much. Of course I wanted it all, but sometimes that just isn’t possible!

Increasingly over the last few years I have been pulled more and more towards exploration.

So, I finally started listening to my intuition and made more space in my life to explore my dreams.


The concept of balancing structure vs wildness. My passion for empowering my daughter ~ teaching her about self love and self acceptance. Being more courageous. Allowing myself space to indulge my creativity. Getting out of the studio and connecting with other passionate entrepreneurs. A need to understand my body, my health and how that fits into my life led me to Health Coaching. Then Nutritional Medicine. Life Coaching. Aromatherapy. Core desired feelings. Fresh air. Meditating. Adventures.


Transformation. Passion. Joy. Abundance. Beauty.


what i do - renee bell

As a photographer I’m in the business of capturing fragile moments of time. I craft memories and messages through my art.

As a dreamer I’m searching for for a space to celebrate, share and connect my seemingly distinct passions. (I can’t pick just one, of course!)

As an artist I see beauty in everything I look at.

As a mother + teacher I yearn to share the things I discover along my journey.

As a coach + mentor I partner with self-aware humans who wish to grow through gratitude, good health, grace and plenty of exploration.




What others are saying…  love notes for renee

Renee came across as a humorous, real and casual kind of girl. My kind of friend!

You are wonderful, so much more than words can describe…

Thank you so much Renee, for your patience and your incredible talent…

You have been an absolute pleasure to work with, both professionally and on a friendship level.

You truly are amazing at what you do!!!

Renee far exceeded my expectations and it was an absolute privilege to work with her!

Renee you are extraordinary, generous and soulful xxx

You are such a fun and genuine soul and you made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera.

what next


If you’re yearning for soul-aligned images to use for your online presence that set you apart from the crowd :: Check out be[love] photography packages here.  be[love] is more than an amazing photo shoot. It’s a transformative experience.

If you want to read the latest articles about life, dreaming big, and photography, along with snippets of my life as a single mama to a curious little girl who loves to ask impossible questions! :: The blog is here. What do you want? To be free. To be wild. To let go… Then click on over and take a read!

Are you are a mum to a gorgeous young girl? Want to dig deep with all things self love, so you can model this with her :: Coaching for Creative & Conscious Mamas is here.  Of course you want the best for your daughter. But it’s more than that. You’re dreaming of a certain kind of relationship where together you’re unfolding an adventure. I can help you, if you so desire…



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