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Our pick ~ The best natural deodorant ( + It really works! )

Do you remember hitting those early teen years? That rite of passage where it was finally time…

To start using deodorant!

Back then it was all about body sprays and antiperspirants. They were all the rage, and with bright colours and pretty packaging and names like goddess, illusions and merely musk I have many memories of standing in the aisle in our local supermarket testing all the bottles out, deciding which one was my current favourite. Turns out they probably aren’t that great for you and you really should use natural deodorant.

A few years ago I decided to switch to natural deodorant. I spent a small fortune trying bottle after bottle, scouring the internet for reviews, buying what everyone else was loving and being bitterly disappointed.  Some of them were wet and sticky under my arms (which I cant stand), while others just didn’t work at all.  Some would even be ok for a few weeks, then all of a sudden stop working.


best natural deodorant


Then, about 5-6mths ago ago I was approached by Shop Naturally to road test a new deodorant creme by Erica Brooke that had just hit the market.  Here is my review from back then after about a month of use

I have tried many organic/ natural deodorants over the last year and unfortunately they just don’t work for me… I end up stinking by just after lunch which is not nice! This one by Erica Brooke passes the armpit test for me, and I love that it is only lightly fragranced which keeps my sensitive nose happy! Definitely a winner for me!

I am happy to say, that many months further down the track, I am still loving this product.  Not only that, but as Liana is now getting to the age where she needs to use it, I am loving that I can provide her with healthier and more natural options.


Why I think this is the best natural deodorant.

Firstly (and most importantly) – it works! For the first few months of use I would discretely (or sometimes not so) be sniffing at my armpits at all hours of the day to see if I still smelt ok. Especially over the hot summer months, I was so paranoid that it would stop working and I would stink and then people would point and laugh and throw rotten tomatoes at me. (Of course, rotten tomatoes would never have helped with the smell – what were those weird people in my nightmares thinking?)  But I survived through the end summer and autumn intact, and smelling fabulous.

It is natural and hand made. This deodorant is handmade in Australia using a combination of 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. It has no chemical preservatives, is aluminum, alcohol and paraben free. The paste goes on easy – you actually rub it into your armpits using your fingers (which admittedly does take a little getting used to) – is invisible after application and therefore does not stain clothes.

Lightly scented with essential oils. The scent of the essential oils used in this product linger on your body for the majority of the day. The scent is just perfect though – nice and subtle and not too overpowering. Even once the scent is gone as you near the end of the day, the deodorant is still working hard, preventing bacteria from reacting with the proteins and fats in your sweat.

Read more about the science behind sweating and deodorants here.




Erica Brooke Natural Deodorant Creme is available in three scented versions


Neroli and Vanilla. Vanilla Planifolia Extract in 3% Jojoba, Essential Oils Of: Neroli, Sweet Orange and Rosemary.

Wildflowers. Essential Oils Of: Agonis Fragrans (Fragonia), Lavender and Lemon.

Him and Her. (unisex scent) Essential Oils Of: Lemon, Niaouli, Peppermint and Lavender.

Also available is an unscented version, and a trial size of double strength Him and Her for those who feel they need more help.



Our opinion of the scents… I am quite fond of the Neroli and Vanilla – of all the options it is the one that smells the strongest, the smell is pleasant and does not bother my sensitive nose. Liana prefers the Him and Her scent.  Really though, they all smell great, they all work beautifully and we love them!





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