Cake for lunch with The Professional Babe.

cake for lunch


Cake for lunch with The Professional Babe.

Generally we finish with cake….
But first… Let’s rewind back to the start!


professional babe applying makeup

professional babe bedside table

how to be a supermodel in your selfie

peta serras 2

professional babe peta serras

peta serras

the flying lamb throw


Photographing Peta Serras (aka The Professional Babe) is always loads of fun.

I think we have shot together about 5-6 times now, and each time brings more adventures, lots of laughs and plenty of fabulous images!

This time we shot in and around her apartment to get some new images for her website. Then we ate cake for lunch. Could a day get any better?
Now I leave her to do some work, and resist the temptation of left over cake in the fridge!


professional babe home office









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