doTERRA Australia essential oils

Do you want to connect with nature, and to radiate health in a natural way?

To tread lightly, but live vibrantly?

Do you want to be essentially vibrant?


doterra australia


Let me help you place an order, open these wonderful (potent + oh so powerful) little bottles and get started! Discover amazing possibilities with these precious gifts of the earth and bring plant based medicine into your life…

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how to buy doTERRA essential oils in Australia.

Although in the past there was a large number of essential oils you could not purchase here, now you can buy almost the entire range of oils direct from doTERRA Australia. You can purchase all of the doTERRA essential oils and products at retail prices using my doTERRA store link here however if you plan on purchasing more than one or two things a year by FAR the smartest option is becoming a wholesale member. You will save a min of 25% off retail prices.

Remember there is NO forced auto-ship or minimum monthly orders – you can simply place a new order when ever you run out (or want to try something new).

You do NOT have to onsell, or create a business or post every 5 minutes on social media about the oils (unless you want to!). There are of course benefits to on-selling and sharing your love of these doTERRA essential oils (request more info on that if you like), but no obligation whatsoever. Try them, see how much you love them and then go from there! The most important first step is to start using the oils!


doterra essential oils australia


If you want to get started with using doTERRA essential oils, you have a few options…



Purchase doTERRA essential oils wholesale.


A-la-carte shopping.

Pay a $35 registration fee by purchasing the introductory packet and get access to the entire range at 25% off retail prices.

No obligations, no forced autoship and order whenever (and whatever) you like. After a year there is a $25 renewal fee for your wholesale account and receive a free bottle of peppermint oil on renewal.

$35 + oils + shipping

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Enrollment kits.

Choose any of the enrollment kits below and the $35 fee is waived (and you save more $$ the bigger the pack you choose is). Details of the current Australian enrollment kits below.  Click the sign up button on the kit you would like to order and I will help you get set up and started.


Option 1 :: Beginner kit – Essential Collection


$174 AUD + $9.95 shipping

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Option 2 :: Home Essentials Kit

home essentials kit doterra$330 AUD + $13.95 shipping

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Option 3 :: Aromatouch Massage Kit

aromatouch-massage-kit-doterra$242 AUD + $9.95 shipping

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If you want more info on the oils, how they are made, full product range and current prices:

Full Australian doTERRA price list here (also gives enrollment kit details)
Full doTERRA US price list here
Full doTERRA product guide here (contains brief description of each oil + prices)

doterra top 10 essential oils – post link here

my favourite essential oils – post link here


If you prefer to sign up yourself:

Click over here to the store to sign up for doTERRA wholesale account and pick your country.
Select Wholesale prices.
The enroller and sponsor ID should already be filled, but if not they should both be 4803930.
Validate, which should then bring up my name, Renee Bell.
Fill out all of your contact info, incl shipping details.
Select a password when you want to log into your account later, and agree to the terms and conditions of the wholesale agreement after you have read it.
Place your initial order, either by paying the enrollment fee and picking your custom oils, or selecting a kit.
Enter your credit card details, and you are done! The oils will be on their way to your hot little hands soon!
OPTIONAL – Set up your Loyalty Rewards Program order. Doing this can save you more money in free products and product credits, but I can help you with that later if you need help…


If you are interested in sharing these oils with your friends and family be sure to reply to the welcome email you receive from me (you will also get a few automated emails direct from doTERRA with your website login details, as well as your order confirmation) and I can send you all the info you need to set up your sharing account.



If you have any questions please contact me here and fill out the form.

Congratulations on starting your essential oil journey…  I am so very excited for you and so happy to have you here in my team!