Egyptian Magic Cream – 7 ways we used it this month.

I am all for a simple beauty routine, so having a product that has multiple uses is perfect. Especially since my #bathroomgoals pinterest vision board hasn’t manifested itself into existence yet and I am very short of bathroom storage space… (ie: I need a much bigger house overall!) Add to that my desire for all natural skin care and this product with the promise of no additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens, and I am keen to see what all the fuss is about…

egyptian magic


Introducing: Egyptian Magic Skin Cream.

Egyptian Magic is an all-natural, all-purpose skin cream made from six of nature’s most powerful moisturizing and healing ingredients:

Olive Oil
Royal Jelly
Bee Pollen
Bee Propolis

That’s it! Nothing else added – so simple, yet so supposedly good that it is achieving cult status around the world and used by some big name celebrities (those who have no issue with the size of their bathroom!) plus international hair and makeup artists.

We got a tub of this magic cream and have been trying it out for a few weeks now and really really love it… You only need a tiny amount, just place it in your hands and massage them together for a few seconds so that the cream turns into an oil and then use how ever you need…

7 ways we have used Egyptian Magic Skin Cream this month…

1. Egyptian Magic to restore moisture to dry and cracked heels.
With summer’s arrival, and the abundance of bare feet (or thongs/ flip flops wearing) I always seem to get cracks and dry skin around the heels. This was the main reason I wanted to try Egyptian Magic as my heels had gotten particularly bad and I had already tried several other things which weren’t helping. It certainly didn’t disappoint!! Putting a small amount of the cream on my heels each night, and massaging into my feet has them so much nicer after just a few days.  Even better if you can put socks on once you apply the cream and leave them on overnight, you will wake up with silky smooth feet!

2. Egyptian Magic as a makeup primer.
I don’t wear a huge amount of makeup as I stopped using all products several years ago due to chemical sensitivities but I have been trying out a few brands of tinted moisturisers lately as I start to use makeup again and I have tried adding a very small amount of Egyptian Magic as a primer underneath the foundation or BB cream to prepare my skin and to give it a bit more of a glow. Lots of top makeup artists say it can be used for hilighting certain areas of the face and it can also be used to set your eyebrows. Not sure about that though, I cant say my eyebrows move around too much?

3. Egyptian Magic as an after sun lotion.
Last week Liana and I got a little over enthusiastic in our veggie garden and were out in the sun for an hour or so in the morning with no sunscreen on… Even though it was only about 10am the sun was still intense enough to leave a nasty red burn on both of our neck and shoulders. Gently applying a small amount of this cream eased the burn and moisturised the skin so that we didn’t end up peeling.

4. Egyptian Magic as a makeup remover.
Coconut oil is a very effective makeup remover, but sometimes after using my favourite waterproof mascara (my eyes water a lot so it is a better option for me) to remove it I need a bit more help. A tiny amount of Egyptian Magic on a cotton pad wiped over the eyes does a great job. You can use it to remove makeup from your entire face – the natural oils in the cream will break down the oils in your makeup. Not only is your makeup gone, but now your skin is moisturized and ready for bed! Great multi tasking!

5. Egyptian Magic as an intensive face moisturiser.

Sometimes before bed I will pop some Egyptian Magic over my face as a bit of an intensive moisturising mask while I sleep. It feels a little weird as first, as it doesn’t absorb straight in, so it can feel like you have just coated your face in a layer of grease. But by morning time my face is glowing and lovely!  I also love to add a drop of essential oil to give my skin some extra love! Frankincense is lovely, or you could try Rose essential oil if you have it

6. Egyptian Magic as a hair smoothing treatment.

When you have massaged the cream on your face run your hands through your hair with any excess product. It will smooth any fly away bits and enhance any waves.

7. Egyptian Magic to soothe dry skin.

I get a lot of ear infections and all it takes is the skin inside my ears to get a little too dry and crack and then a few weeks later the cycle starts all over again with massive ear infections and (unfortunately) antibiotic ear drops.  A good way to try and stop that happening for me is to use my Egyptian Magic cream on the skin just inside my ears.  Also great for when you have a cold and have been blowing your nose too much and it is red and sore – spread some cream around the area and reduce the ouch factor.



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There are many other options – shaving cream, after shave balm, to heal cuts and scrapes, scars and wrinkles, itchy skin and rashes, tattoo healing, hair treatment, nappy rash, massage balm and many many more! I will absolutely be trying out a few of these uses over coming weeks!

We would love to hear what is your favourite way to use Egyptian Magic skin cream? You can comment below and let us know!


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  • BrookeFebruary 11, 2016 - 9:31 am

    I have been looking at getting this for quite a while. Is it really as amazing as they say? xReplyCancel

    • littlegirls_greatbigdreamsApril 6, 2016 - 7:10 am

      yes Brooke – it is great and we really love it 🙂ReplyCancel