Essential oils

Some days it seems like you cant walk down the street, open your social media, or say hi to a friend without hearing or seeing something about essential oils. They are becoming more and more popular and people are loving them (for good reason!)

Although this site is about many things, and not just essential oils, I do use doTERRA Australia essential oils fairly often – and I also have a team of wonderful essential oil lovers who I support in learning how to best use the oils in their lives. If you want more info you can click on any of the links below!

Read about my journey removing chemicals and artificial fragrances from my home, my many years of living 'fragrance free' and how (and when) I now use pure essential oils in my life.
Note: I strongly believe in only using things when you need to and adapting to the ebs and flows of life - so I dont use them all day, every day! My take - balance is key, not obsession.