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Liquid Crystal Oracle cards – review and how I use them.

liquid crystal oracle cards

I brought my first set of Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards in 2013. From memory they had been intended as a present for Liana for Christmas that year and so sat in a cupboard for a few months until they were given to her under the Xmas tree that year.  At the time she was loving learning about crystals – collecting them and spending hours reading about them but I didn’t really pay much attention. I could barely remember what was Amethyst and which one was Citrine let alone what they did and how they could be used ~ crystals were her thing to collect and treasure and I was happy with that.

Despite initial enthusiasm after unwrapping the present and in the days after – she didn’t really love these cards. Possibly my fault for not researching well enough – I assumed these would have realistic pictures of the crystals on them and maybe a bit of info but these cards are way more than that (amazing and powerful though just not quite right for her 9 year old self at the time)! So they ended up back in the cupboard for a few years until I ‘discovered’ them again last year. I had glanced at the cards a few times, but never really felt too called to explore and use them.

Over the last 6 or so months I have started to use these cards more and more. I am still very much just skimming the surface with them, and there are so many treasures within yet to discover.

The Liquid Crystal Oracle is an ever-unfolding and enlightening adventure through the Crystalline world. These potent cards will open the doors for you to the Atlantian Earth and introduce the Master Crystal Devas, the Mineral Kingdom’s creators, unlocking their ancient and sacred knowledge. The 77 cards and comprehensive 292-page guidebook is a powerful life-changing crystal healing system.
Through this oracle, receive the keys to the Crystalline world, discover Atlantian Spirituality, activate the Atlantian Octahedrons of Light, allowing you to connect with the crystals and tap into their wisdom, and heal with over 150 Sacred Trinities and sequences of crystals.


turquoise liquid crystal oracle card


How the Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards are presented.

Now, to be perfectly honest and to put it out there – these cards aren’t the easiest to read and understand. The included guidebook is extensive (as you can see by my well worn and loved copy in the images above) and you have the option of reading as much or as little about your chosen card as you like. Each liquid crystal oracle card will reference the crystals name and simple purpose and includes chanelled art as you see above…
The information in the book will then give a message from the Master Crystal Deva, great beings who exist in the Devic Kingdom. This references ancient Atlantian pathways of spiritual growth – most of this information for me right now, is beyond my understanding. I am keen to learn though, so I trust that this will come in good time!

The next parts of the info in the book is what excites me the most!

The crystal in healing – a description of each crystal, some info about its history and the effects it has in healing from the spiritual to the physical.

Your healing journey today – why this crystal has come into your life and the healing path you can walk.

Also included are affirmations, keywords to help reading the cards, suggested body card placements, chemical compositions of the crystal, and info on colour rays, animal totems and essential oils united to these crystals.

There is 30+ pages of information in the book before you even get to each card meaning (and then 3-4 pages on each of the 77 crystals) – so when you are ready to explore and learn more – there is more than enough to get you started!


How I use the Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards

For the last 6 or so months as I mentioned I have slowly started to integrate these cards into my daily routine. My fascination at the moment is using the cards in healing, and placing them on my body either while meditating or sleeping.

So, quite simply – I shuffle the deck and ask “What do I need right now?” Sometimes I get a little more specific, but for the most part, my question is very general and I trust that what I most need is what I will get. I skip right ahead to the ‘crystal in healing’ section and read that. 99.99% of the time it is perfectly spot on and I resonate with what has been written and can relate it to what is current for me at the time.

I then read over the healing journey notes and body card placement and depending on the time of day I may lay down for 10-15 minutes with the card on that chakra or body part suggested and do a quick meditation. Often this is part of my afternoon routine and occasionally at night time I will choose a card that I need integrating while I sleep and pop that under my pillow, or if I am drawn to I will use the card from earlier in the day again overnight… It is a beautiful process and a way of incorporating these cards and healing into your life without feeling the pressure to try and understand everything that is going on. I will often also find the essential oil linked to this crystal card and the majority of the time I have that oil in my doTERRA collection that I use here at home.
Most of all – just trust (and enjoy) the process and don’t over think it is my advice 🙂



Interestingly the card that I chose yesterday when I was taking the photos you see above was ‘what do I need to know and what do I need to share’…





I hadn’t really intended to write a whole blog post, just take a cute pic for Instagram, but as it always does, things happen for a reason. I wont spoil all the surprises about Turquoise’s meaning for those who choose to explore this oracle card set further, but basically ‘true earth connection has been compromised / ungrounded / illness / lowered immunity / life is about to be on track again (yay!)’






I had also wondered about whether I needed to purchase the new edition of these cards since they have been updated with more current information a few years ago. So I am embracing my turquoise water (as per suggestion) every day until my new set arrives.

Have you used these cards or explored these processes further? I would love to hear more in the comments on how you use them or any cool resources you wish to share.

If you want to purchase a set of cards (second edition) buy The Liquid Crystal Oracle here or try your local book store.

If you want to read more about author Justin Moikeha Asar, about all the offerings he has you can view his website here.





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