meet RENEE

Hey there, I'm Renee!

I'm a health and life coach, have been a professional photographer for 10+ years and I have 4 years experience in the natural health and organic beauty industry.

Pretty much every day I spend time with my amazing daughter Liana, I take photos of beautiful things, fabulous people and cute kittens and I write blog articles and social media posts about all things beauty, health and wellness.

I grow as many of my own herbs and veggies in my backyard as I can, I experiment with the divine power of essential oils, I make lots of mess in the kitchen creating wonderful meals and I explore ways to live gently and to heal my body from Ulcerative Colitis and autoimmune disease.

I also need more "professional" (ie: non iPhone) pics with me in them. Soon, I promise! In the meantime here is a selfie with my two girls :)

Thanks so much for being here!

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My favourite Things photos of my girl

natural light

nigella the kitty cat

home grown veggies

dessert all day long

the afternoon sun in winter

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