BE[LOVE] BY Renee Bell

It changes before you’ve even registered; a pregnant belly becomes a baby, a toddler becomes a child, or you become who you were always hoping to be.

Memory is fallible. Vision loves form. Time passes without these transformations being fully appreciated.


I’m Renee Bell.

As a photographer I’m in the business of capturing fragile moments of time.

I craft memories and messages through my art.




For me, photographing people is never ‘just about the photos’. It’s a transformative experience.

I named it be[love].




My photo session with Renee was amazing.

I do not enjoy being the centre of attention and hate having my photo taken but my day with Renee was super fun. I loved how natural Renee was - It felt like we were just having a nice day out, getting to know each other more, and coincidently taking photos too. I always struggle to 'smile' when it's fake, but I felt very relaxed in her presence -  everything was so causal and fun.

I have been using the images on my website and social media and I have been getting fantastic feedback. My clients and those who read my blog love the photos too - and so do the editors of the sites that I have been submitting articles to. I haven't had to use stock images since I received my photos from Renee - and I love having such a beautiful library of images to choose from.

End result - my loved ones and I see the photos as an authentic reflection of me. From the way I'm sitting, to the way I'm smiling, and all the little things in between.

Thank you Renee for going above and beyond with your work. You are so talented and very thoughtful - I'd recommend you in a heart beat.

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Alternately to enquire about be[love] life coaching and / or photography packages, email me here.

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