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Why did I start using essential oils

Hello! Life has been busy and this space, although I had plans for it in 2015, and then 2016  it just didn’t quite eventuate then…

But, 2017 is here and let’s change that! Just in case you need reminding of who I am (plus a few little updates):

I’m Renee Bell

Photographer. Mother. Dreamer. Artist. Life + Health Coach.

Now add to that,

Aromatherapy + Mind Body Medicine + Nutritional Medicine student (yes I’m a busy gal!)

and most importantly,

lover of essential oils…


essentially vibrant love for essential oils


Why did I start using essential oils.

Many years ago, I absolutely loved fragrances. I had a collection of perfume bottles on my dressing table, I would lather myself in body butters and lotion, use hair products and makeup and burn gorgeous smelling candles through the house and my office. I would relish in having fresh flowers to smell every time I walked past. I loved to smell different things and feel a wash of emotions and memories flow over my body. It felt good!

But then I started to slowly get sick. My body was overloaded, I will never really know why, or how, but life got harder. Chronic Fatigue started cropping up, recurrent Glandular Fever and just general ‘I don’t want to get out of bed’ tiredness. I started to notice some things made me feel worse. Certain foods (on some days it seemed like all foods!), over doing things, stress, and unfortunately fragrances. So, I stopped using fragrances! I tried to clean up my diet and get rid of chemicals in the house. I switched to natural organic skin care and hair care products. I got rid of the perfumes and the candles. It was heartbreaking, but it had to be done.

Unfortunately that didn’t make things completely better, but it certainly stopped things getting worse. I could notice when exposed to fragrances it made me puff up and my eyes water. Headaches, nausea, blocked sinuses. I got rid of everything, and I avoided situations where I was exposed to too much fragrance.

This lasted for several years before I was introduced to essential oils. I got a little bit excited, started using a few that I purchased… This one will be good for mediation, add this one to your bath, etc etc. But I had no idea HOW to use them. I would put them on my wrists when meditating and then have to get up and try to wash it off a few minutes later.

It was too strong. Too close to my face. Just, too much!

So I gave up – they ended up in a drawer, hundreds of dollars worth of essential oils, and I went back to my fragrance free life.

Another few years later I was gifted a gorgeous little bottle of alchemical oil called Trust at an event I attended. I wasn’t even going to open it, I was so sure it would be yet another thing I could not tolerate. But I took the advice of the name of the blend and surprisingly (or not!) it was perfect, I felt great, and I had no reaction to it. Yay!!!



Thank you Universe! Let’s see where this journey takes me…



Gradually over the last 3-4 years I have used many different oils and started to research more into pure essential oils and their potential effect on the body. The effect of certain essential oils and flower essences on our emotions, on balancing my mood throughout the days and on niggling little daily occurrences that I wanted to change, improve on, or just (please) get rid of.

I now have essential oils in my home to use that help me (and my girl) ~

sleep better…
stay focussed…
calm ourselves when feeling a little stressy…
wake up and energise in the morning + relax and settle in the evening…
still the mind during meditation…
ground ourselves when we are feeling a bit ‘floaty and spaced out’
and much, much more!


So much love for essential oils!


start using essential oils


My intention is to share as I learn, and to inspire.

To gently and lovingly encourage you (yes you!) to reach for an essential oil, or a flower essence blend, or a herb, or a plate of ‘real food’ instead of a bottle of pills or a tube of chemicals.

I will be sharing a bit about the oils over the coming months, but in the meantime if you are interested in more info on how you can start using essential oils ( doTERRA is my no 1 favourite brand of essential oils!) into your life, please contact me here. I have partnered myself with doTERRA as I order oils for myself from them monthly and I would love to help you get set up with a wholesale account if you want to try them out, or to simply buy a few bottles retail. You can also comment below if you want more info, or message me renee (at)!



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  • Naomi ArnoldOctober 7, 2015 - 1:41 pm

    Ohh Renee I am so glad that you found a fun, beautiful, and effective way to re-introduce fragrances into your life. xReplyCancel

    • reneebellOctober 8, 2015 - 1:05 pm

      thank you Naomi!!! It is pretty exciting 🙂ReplyCancel